Dhyana Kluth of Bloomfield admits that the current political climate can be scary but rather than feel terror she chooses to feel hope. She feels “this is part of a greater upheaval of change” and is excited at the chance to support the movement of the Women’s March. Its mission statement resonates with her deeply. In her work as a shaman, Dhyana helps people “heal core wounds caused by the imbalance of masculine energies in the patriarchal systems we were raised in and have lived with for generations.” On the 15th of January, she co-led a womb grief ritual, “We needed to grieve our rage in body, make space for birthing the new earth because if we’re tied too much to this anger, this rage and fear, we’re just being reactive.” On the 21st, Dhyana was ready to march. “We are taking part in a beautiful revolution. What a gift to be living during these crazy times.”