Amy Freitag of Montclair is impressed with the wide reach of the Women’s March. As someone in a same-sex marriage and a mother to an adopted Latino immigrant, she feels the urgency to stand up for her family and to show up for our democracy. The recent election has revealed currents of intolerance in our society. Amy feels it when her 10 yr old son, adopted from Guatemala, asks, “Will he send me back?” and she senses his fear of not being welcome due to the color of his skin. She recounts how one evening her 8 yr old came downstairs prepared to leave with backpack, cherished possessions, and directions to Canada. A visiting friend reminded him, “But we need you here. We need you to be part of the resistance.” For Amy, taking part in the resistance includes remaining alert, not giving in to despair, and continuing to show up. “All I could think of is I’ve got this full time job, I have three kids, I don’t have time for this guy to be the president. But I’m going to have to make time.”