When the election results came in, Nadine Cauthen of Bloomfield felt physically sick. "I felt like my country had just told me that I don’t matter. That I as a black person, I as a woman, that I don’t matter." She found strength in soothing the fears of the Newark students she works with. Nadine taught them how the system works, reminded them of the importance of reading, of staying informed. The election has strengthened her drive to complete her degree, to get her certification, and to continue working with “those beautiful faces who are ready to learn.” She feels it is important to remember and to pass on experience. “When it all gets whitewashed and watered down in the history books we can say: I was there, I knitted the hat, I marched on the ground, I taught in the classroom, I remember the fear in the eyes of the five and nine year olds that should never have been there.” Nadine’s hope is that the drive and passion of the Women’s March movement carries on beyond January 21.